Olive and Black Walnut lead pencil Marsicano


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Hand turned lead pencil made from Olive and Black Walnut wood.

Design: Marsicano.

Graphite lead diam. 5.6 mm, hardness 2B.

Gift set: wooden lead pencil, old-style lead sharpener and eraser.

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Unit price Euro 30,00
Lead time All our products are made by hand. For the majority of our products, we aim to have your order out in 7-10 business days. Sometimes it may take a bit longer, so for urgent orders please get in touch with us by email or through the online form.
Weight gr. 19
Length 110 mm.
Material Black walnut and Olive wood
Model Marsicano
Conic holder Wood
Lead sharpener Wood and sandpaper
Graphite lead Graphite, 2B, diameter mm 5.6
Accessory Eraser

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Souvenir. it's such a wonderful word. It means "something that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event". So true. This beautifully handcrafted pencil made from Black Walnut and Olive wood makes us think of Italy, thanks to the great variety of browns, greens, yellows and purples. The body is also crossed by intricate dark streaks that run up and down the pencil creating a marvelous design.

Inside the pencil is a 2B graphite lead, diameter mm 5.6. Replacing graphite leads can be purchased in any Fine Art store as well as online.

This pencil comes in an individual gift box along with an old-style concept lead sharpener, made from wood and sandpaper and a nice eraser.

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